Vitreous Hide

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Willing the word to become flesh, the poems in Vitreous Hide both reveal and enact yearning—for love, for the beloved, for the words to transform beloved image to beloved substance. Orpheus reaches for Narcissus through a new mirror of myth, now dim with distance, now bright with the possibility of connection. Through the shining skin or surface of prose lines and field composition, these poems reach for the embodiment of the other in order to be, themselves, embodied.
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"[T]he gay erotics of this work...have no equivalent in modern American poetry.  Really you’d have to go back in time and cross many hear so persuasive, alert, and stunning a love poem."                                                             
-Kevin Killian 

"In a theater of the page permeated by sonic play...sound, made overtly and gorgeously lyric, becomes the dominant character, increasingly swept up into a dynamically choreographed typography. It’s a book of big ideas and big feeling.... A real delight for both ear and mind."                                                              
- Cole Swensen

"Edgerton is brilliant to announce that myth and the perils of myth are flesh of our flesh, the perdurable instance of our human birth."                                       
-Donald Revell

For links to earlier versions of published poems from the book, and for video of the Vitreous Hide book launch in New Orleans, see the Online page.